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Product Code: HS 203

Product Code: HS 203
200 Series

Bonded Fins

Bonded Fins

Bonded Fins provide solutions for high density heat sinks. We produce Bonded fins as per the clients requirements with challenging widths and number of fins. Using technology such as the Friction stir welding, we are able to produce Bonded Heat sinks of any size. Some of the jobs served on regular basis. Click to view the drawings.

CUSTOM SIZE available

Skiving Welding

Friction stir welding is the technology to join two metal pieces to form a homogeneous single metal piece & gives us the levy  to produce heat sinks with a decent width meeting various clients challenging requirements. We at Akash Enterprise take the pride offering CUSTOM SIZE as per requirements along with other machining options as well.

Extruded Profiles

Extruded Products

Akash Heat Sinks can manufacture any type of Heat Sink, as per the client requirements even if it calls for challenging precise machining. Some of the jobs served on regular basis demand machining requirements such as drilling, tapping, groving etc. Click here to view other extruded profiles.